A Partisan Diary

Friday, April 24, 2009


Suddenly this day
Poppies and buttercups do the rugby colors and the flag around every field of pale green blooming vines.
Mount Canigou rippling with snow pinking, peering around every corner against milk skies a wedge, a black hedge, grey shine.
On the Med someone's boat flattened by the season's rising wind of three names which speeds the drowned home.
A dog bullets low from a door to chase the street washer away.
Near sea transparent iced empty blue with flattened sun alone.

To photosensitives it hurts in ways you may not understand
As the Kenyan Albino said whom I tried to explain plainly
Being white all throughout one night
He listened preoccupied about
limbs harvested for magic against gout

Magic and lyrical thinking over
Narratives harvested Mnemonic
As memories indirect, they hurt as much as that
From you Neurotypicals and stink
As sulpher blind in the the mind

I have had three names this week
"Doubly Loved" says the review in Tirana
Named for my relationship and of what else I speak
And an insinuation perhaps

In Ceret. with affection from the chaps
"L'espion Canadien" and when I deny
The affection grows
In this village of similar spies

Then, on Google suddenly. an essay long forgotten arises
Above those regular slanders and rare remainders
From a forgotten conference on a forgotten Island
On a forgotten topic by me dallying on expert.

And so suddenly, email and phoning those so drowning
Because operation Lightening and Thunder
Has strengthened the armies of the Rain Queen
Around the village of Gulu towards universal dying.

I explain identity meant little to me anytime
I can remember an exact bush by the sea just fine
But not ten thousand operations for blindness
Around the monkied temples
Screaming, even though the scheduling was mine

I remember this is also, exactly, sky over Vancouver
But not your character as I don't see persons ever under
Concrete things as totems and pillars, mountains that I remember
Of even Oil fights similar, and the shadows moving in trees by the river as
Only Characteristics of meta atmospherics in social weather
Here, which is also you, perhaps in Vancouver

Brain connections which are smaller and closer together
In focused areas connecting whatever is there gathered

And are leaping now away to this day,
Canigou suddenly
                           around every corner.